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The album “Posthumous” from Babaganoush. Intoxicated with passion, romance and tragedy, Babaganoush cross many borders to tell their tales of love and heartbreak. Seamlessly they mix East and West, covering many European traditions with their own worldly touch. Gypsy classics are magically fused with Klezmer, French cafe music, Balkan dances and originals, to create a smattering concoction of Gypsy Music. Malini Chidzey on Violin, Mark Planigale on Piano Accordion and Vocals, Colette Mortreux on Clarinet and Andre Lobanov on Double Bass. The album was recorded from December 2004 to June 2005, and was released in October 2005. It has a total playing time of 57:38 minutes.

BabaGanoush – Posthumous
Review by Ian Dearden

According to Wikipedia, in the Levant, babaganoush is a salad made of grilled eggplant with finely diced onions, tomatoes and other vegetables blended in, whereas in Egypt it is a paste made of roast or grilled eggplant and tahini.
This four piece Melbourne band which calls itself BabaGanoush is neither a salad nor a paste – it is, in fact, a collection of hugely talented musicians whose playing (if you’ll excuse the culinary metaphor) leaves you hungering for more!
Founded by Malini Chidzey, who plays wild and passionate violin, the group features the equally prodigious talents of Colette Mortreux on clarinet, with Mark Planigale on piano accordion, guitar, oud and darabuka, and Andre Lobanov on double bass.
The music is predominantly instrumental, although Mark and Colette contribute vocals on a couple of tracks.
The album draws on Russian, Hungarian and Rumanian gypsy repertoire, as well as French café music, klezmer music, and what the band describes broadly as “Balkan” (meaning the south-eastern corner of Europe including Croatia, Greece and the like) songs and tunes.
Both Malini Chidzey and Mark Planigale contribute original tunes in traditional styles which fit seamlessly among the tracks on this album.
This music is food for the heart, the soul and the feet.
BabaGanoush perform regularly in and around Melbourne, and are slated for appearances at the National Folk Festival in Canberra, as well as a European tour i
Don’t miss them!

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