Barleyshakes, The – Visions in the Fog


CD review by Peter Harrison
The Barleyshakes play a mix of traditional Irish tunes and original material, with the latter sitting somewhat awkwardly alongside the former on this record. This is not to say their originals are bad, although their lyrics do occasionally come off as slightly clunky. It’s just that the standard and passion of performance on the traditional far eclipses the standard of the originals. The end result, however, is a very good record. The opening track “The� TravellingSong” is the weakest, and while it tells a lovely story of travel and adventure, its structure and performance is not as strong as this band is capable of. “Ireland’s for Sale” is a lament for the commercialisation of culture in a post-riverdance Ireland (although it could be argued that it’s better than Ireland having nothing to sell, which was the case not so long ago). The Barleyshakes shake at their strongest on their interpretations of traditional Irish tunes such as “The Abbey Reel” and “A Breton Dance”.

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