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The most recent CD from Bob Campbell, and most interesting, is now available. The CD was recordrd, produced, mixed and mastered in Newcastle with Matt Gaudry and Rob Long. The CD has its genesis in the 90s when they played in Bob’s band, Home Rule, for a year or two. These 2 virtuoso musicians brought a professional approach to the music when they recorded, produced and played on the best Home Rule CD so far – THE JOINERS’ ARMS.

Matt and Bob spent a considerable amount of time touring and playing in Germany where Matt’s keyboard skills gave the Australian Celtic roots music a unique sound. A decade later, the 3 have come together to give voice to a collection of original songs; 7 written by Bob and 3 by other writers, including the great John Dengate.

CD Review by John Williams
Bob Campbell is a singer, musician, writer and teacher who has spent considerable time overseas and now hails from near Gulgong in NSW. This CD has ten tracks the majority of which were written by Bob.

Bob is supported on this CD by Matt Gaudry and Rob Long. They have created a great sound. Bob has an intriguing, gravelly quality to his voice which creates a marvelous ‘feel’ for the first track about working together to accomplish things in life, ‘When It All Boils Down’. This grabs the listener and makes you want to listen to the rest of the CD. In this respect it was a good choice for the first track.

‘Brother Joe and Me’ is a song about a gang of our lesser known indigenous bushrangers, Jimmy Governor and his brother Joe and their friend Jacky Underwood who snapped after years of unjust treatment and reigned terror for a short period around the turn of the previous century. It is a personal song for Bob as one of their victims was a previous owner of Bob’s property.

‘Cudgegong Waters’ and ‘When The Icecaps Melt’ (prophetically written in the 70’s) are two great tracks dealing with important environmental issues.

‘The Melbourne’ deals with the aircraft carrier, Melbourne, which was involved in two disasters which killed over one hundred and fifty Australian and American sailors.

There are also two tracks which pay tribute to the musicians Bob has known. ‘Headlights and Scars’ (with its clever use of an old traditional tune) and ‘Old Aussie Band’ will resonate with anyone who has ever played in a band.

Bob also does a great job of John Dengate’s, ‘Sheetmetal Worker’.

I can recommend this CD.

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