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Boiled Beef & Cabbage (Australian Stars of the International Music Hall Volume 1) ‘Various Artists’
In the heydays of the British Music Hall Australian artists ruled supreme and this series of CDs brings these Aussie stars back to the centre stage. Wonderful nostalgia and crazy songs and humour. Featuring Florrie Forde (including her great hit ‘She’s a Lassie From Lancashire’), Flotsam & Jetsam (best known lately for their ‘Run Rabbit Run’), Billy Williams, Albert Whelan and Pat Hanna (with his hilarious ‘Gospel According To Cricket’). Track Listing: 1. Some Girl – Albert Whelan 2. So Will I – Albert Whelan 3. Girls of the Clogs & Shawl – Florrie FordeIt Takes An Irish Heart To Sing An Irish Song – Florrie Forde 4. Wait Till I’m Old As Father – Billy Williams 5. Where Does Daddy Go – Billy Williams 6. Blinky-Doodle-I-Doh – Albert Whelan 7. Lets Take A Stroll Around The Island – Florrie Forde 8. Oh The Lady With The Glad Eye – Florrie Forde 9. Oh! Charlie Charlie – Florrie Forde 10. I Must Go Home Tonight – Billy Williams 11. Old Grey Coat – Billy Williams 12. Slippery Sam The Stoker – Albert Whelan 13. Scrooge’s Christmas Morning – Alber Whelan 14. A Chip Off The Old Block – Malcolm McEachern 15. Cheerily Yeo-Ho – Malcolm McEachern 16. The Gospel According To Cricket – Pat Hanna 17. Song Of Love (Liebestraum No.3) – Flotsam & Jetsam 18. P’Liceman! P’Liceman! Hold My Hand – Albert Whelan 19. P’Liceman! P’Liceman! Hold My Hand – Albert Whelan 20. Have A Drop Of Gin Old Dear – Albert Whelan 21. My Little Lovebird – Florrie Forde 22. She’s A Lassie From Lancashire – Florrie Forde

About the artist: Offering a unique repertoire of rare broadsides, goldfields minstrel songs, old bush songs, larrikin ditties, children’s rhymes and songs about early city slickers. Warren Fahey is joined by fellow ‘larrikins’ Marcus Holden, Clare O’Meara and Garry Steel.

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