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Track List: 1.Beautiful Denmark 2.Back to the Goldfields 3. The Fremantle Doctor 4. Through Our Eyes 5.Yorkrakine 6. Splendid Fairy Wren 7. Home to Me 8. My Nullarbor Home 9. Swan River Jig 10. Southward Bound 11. One at a Time 12. Horses Coming Home 13. One Hundred Years Ago 14. Coolamun Baby 15. May the Road Rise up to Meet You
SONGS OF THE WEST This album of 15 originals continues to be popular. Hardly a week goes by without a request or sales of this CD. There are so many beautiful places, unique wildlife and stories to tell of the early days of Western Australia and it is all here on this album. The track ‘My Nullarbor Home’ is included on the album ‘Macca’s Sunday Best’ from ‘Australia All Over’. Other tracks include ‘Beautiful Denmark’ (The aboriginal name for Denmark is Kurrabup meaning ‘Place of the black swan’) ‘Back to the Goldfields’, ‘The Fremantle Doctor’ (the sea breeze that comes off the Indian Ocean), ‘Coolamun Baby’ (A Dreamtime lullabye written by Maxine Fumagalli) and ‘Splendid Fairy Wren’.
BIO Carmel has built a reputation for her resonant and crystal clear voice, guitar and piano expertise and great rapport with audiences. With her catchy originals, Carmel is a favourite with audiences around Australia. Her songs are often featured on radio and have been included on many compilations. Carmel’s ‘live’ shows contain her unique songs and stories of Australia’s people and places. With many fascinating tales and magnificent sights to behold in Australia it makes sense that they would end up providing inspiration behind some songs. A recent comment at one of her shows was; ‘Her voice, her versatility and banter with the audience and stories relating to the songs had me completely engaged – it flowed so effortlessly. I’ll definitely be at her next show”.

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