Christopher Cady – Rags, Blues & Such


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Christopher Cady – Rags, Blues and Such
CD Review by John Williams

It is not often you like a CD so much after one listening that you could recommend it.
This CD is one I have no hesitation in recommending and I could have done it after one hearing.
Christopher Cady has a unique voice which is well suited to the material on the CD.
He is also a guitar collector and uses several from as early as 1924 to great effect on the CD.
The guitar playing is a feature of the CD.
The CD includes tracks from many well-known writers ranging from Blind Lemon Jefferson through Jimmie Rodgers and Willie Nelson to Bob Dylan.
All the interpretations are done by a singer with an obvious love of the material.
Many of the tracks are memorable, such as ‘Wonderful World’.
I really liked this version and found myself singing along every time I played it.
‘Forever Young’ by Bob Dylan also makes for fine listening as does ‘Don’t Think Twice-It’s Alright’ another Dylan classic.
‘Crazy’ is another standard given a new life by Cady.
Jimmie Rodgers’ “When It’s Peach Pickin’ Time in Georgia”, which was written eighty years ago, is also well worth a listen.
The CD finishes with ‘Ragtime Millionaire’, another oldie which younger people may not have heard before.
That is one of the great things about this CD.
It has older songs such as ‘I got Mine’ written one hundred and ten years ago and introduces them to a modern audience.
There wasn’t one track I didn’t like on the whole CD.
You can’t say that very often.
If you are looking for a basic approach to music, something we often lose sight of these days, then you could do a lot worse than listen to this effort.
This is a simple CD, just a man, his guitar and his voice.
I loved it.
I can recommend it highly.

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