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The Club is a group of fiddle fans with many and diverse origins,meeting monthly to play tunes from Scotland (old and new) and the Scottish diaspora.It’s a happy group where everyone is encouraged and anything is possible.Kids as young as 8 and adults as old as 78 play together in rehearsals and performances and have recorded an earlier CD ‘Red Hot Scots'(1999) which has been a great success at home and abroad.The recording of ‘Reel Cool’ was a 12 month project, made possible by the enthusiasm and ownership of the entire group,especially the hard-working committee and the Founder/Director, Judy Turner

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A collection of social dance songs performed by Paradiddle Band. Book and CD

Dances suitable for a range of ages from lower to upper primary school students.

This a fantastic resource for classroom teachers and music teachers. It is full of popular songs that many of your students will know, and provides an opportunity for enjoyable physical activity. It can also be used for socials, concerts, class parties and graduations. The book contains great illustrations of the steps, and the CD provides music and dance calls where appropriate.

There are three ways to purchase Cool Cats Big Dance Party: as a physical book + CD, a download of the entire resource, or you can buy and download individual dances. The choice is yours!

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Songs included in this resource are: The Birdie Dance, The Hokey Pokey, The Twist, The Limbo, The Nutbush, The Bus Stop, The Barn Dance, The Pride of Erin, The Evening 3 Step, The Mexican Hat Dance, Ballin’ the Jack, The Progressive Jive, The Macarena, The Popcorn Line dance

Paperback A4 24pp Illus Spiral bound

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