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Review by Ian Dearden

The curiously named group Cow from Adelaide, turn out on careful examination to be purveyors, not of fi ne meats, but of superbly played, wellwritten and deeply engaging country rock. Primarily a verhicle for the original material written by the lead singer/guitarist Rich Caldwell, this album has been thoughtfully arranged, well-recorded, and, in the ultimate test, immediately grabs your ears and your attention. There are delicious slabs of (real) Hammond organ from Glen Lehman, not to mention equally tasty harmonica and guitar playing from Rich Caldwell himself. The songwriting is excellent. Apart from the dodgy name then (sorry guys!), this bunch of croweating desperados have put together a delightful and delicious musical dish which is greater than the sum of its parts, and rises impressively above its infl uences. You can fi nd out more at www. Cow appears to be gigging regularly, both as a band and as a duo, around Adelaide. I’m not sure if they’ve ventured further afi eld, but if you get the chance, go and see them – on the strength of this CD you’ll have a cracker of a night out!
Cow ‘Sunset Posse’

CD Review by John Williams

Cow is a band which comprises Anthony Scott and Rich Coldwell on guitar, Glyn Lehmann on keyboards, Michael Boundy on bass and drummers Sam Carpenter and Steve McBeath.

Other musicians who support the band on various tracks are Chris Jukes and Ant Williams, vocal support, Kate Rush, harmonica, Montz Matsumoto, banjo and Andy Rasheed on pedal steel guitar.

Together they create a great sound.

Rich Coldwell wrote or co-wrote all of the tracks bar one.

The first track, ‘Carousel’, is a story of modern life and wanting to have it all versus simplicity and the destruction this can cause.

It is powerful.

‘Over the Miles’is about a bloke who has enjoyed a solitary existence coming to realize that he needs another person to complete his life.

“Lament’is a bloke taking on domesticity and sharing the load with his partner and their child.

‘Making Pies’ is a snapshot of reminiscences.

I really liked ‘Glory Years’ where a friend is trying to help his friend get through a very bad down period in his life.  Beyond Blue take note.

Some blokes can’t settle down in a relationship.

‘Grain’ is about such a man and is a moving song.

“Highway 61’ is about a man leaving it all and heading to Byron Bay in his station wagon in the hope of working things out in his life.

The final track, ‘Rainmaker’, was quite appropriate.  After eleven years of drought where I live we have had seventy five millimetres of rain in the past month.  Unlike the song I think the rainmaker would be hailed as a hero here.

Cow are a tight musical combination who are writing and performing their own work.

I enjoyed the CD and I can recommend it.

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