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Cow – The Long Ride Cd review by John Williams

This is Adelaide based ‘Cow’s’ third CD. The band comprises Michael Boundy (Bass), Rich Coldwell (Vocals, guitar), Glyn Lehmann (Piano, organ, altonium (a type of horn instrument)), Steven McBeath (Drums, percussion) and Anthony Scott (Guitar and backing vocals). They are supported by a number of artists on individual tracks with Andy Rasheed on Dobro and Lap Steel figuring prominently on three tracks. Musically the band is excellent and the lyrics are thought provoking and often challenging which makes for a meaningful listening experience. Rich Coldwell has written the bulk of the tracks on the CD The first two tracks ‘Black Days’ and ‘December’ are quite sombre tracks. The first deals with depression and how it can be helped and the second with patience and understanding in a relationship. ‘Je Men Fous’ is about beauty and how a person is perceived. ‘Outside Your Circle’ was another track I enjoyed ‘Hippy Three’ is a great track with opening guitar work reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Purple Haze’. It has a sixties sound to it which this old hippy enjoyed. ‘Beer and Cigarettes’ is described as an ode to the original folkies and was a track I enjoyed. The CD finishes with the beautiful ‘Frames’ about those who have gone before. It is a memorable track to finish the CD. This is a great CD for those late nights, maybe in the bush, with a soothing port in hand. A campfire or open fire would be a great addition. I enjoyed it and I can recommend it.

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