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“Simone and Craig perform original songs and instrumentals that cover a wide range of roots music styles including acoustic Blues, Ki Hoalu (Hawaiian slack key) along with Celtic and Country Music influences. Their original songs are often poignant and hard -hitting ballads that explore a variety of political and sensitive social topics. Craig and Simone are also known for their ability to get their audiences laughing and singing along. Together they are well known regulars on the festival circuit and have performed at many venues including the Woodford Folk Festival, the National Folk Festival and the Sydney Acoustic Guitar Festival.

Simone and Craig have completed a live EP, Jenny’s Flowers and in 2001 were involved in composing, recording and producing a soundtrack for a play performed in Brisbane called The Pitchfork Disney. They are also included on the compilation CD Green Songs, the 2001 Sydney Folk Gala compilation CD and the Folk Alliance Australia 2000 compilation CD.

Their 2003 recording So Near Yet So Far was produced with assistance from artsACT and Angel Train Pty Ltd. Since then they have released a double CD of roots based music called Let Isabelle Out, Craig’s solo CD of guitar instrumentals called Tunes from the Rivers and their latest release “Where Cedars Grew.”

The poignant juxtaposition of the morbid musings of Craig Dawson with the symbolic stylings of Simone Olding. A blend as potent as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot wine varieties – full bodied with good nose and fruity overtones.

“The background behind “Let Isabelle Out” stems from my idea to make a double CD, one side featuring myself and the other Simone. Both Simone and myself had written a stack of new songs. Unfortunately, they didnt seem compatible. Musically (and lyrically), mine were heavily influenced by Delta Blues traditions and Hawaiian slack key (ki hoalu) guitar. Simone’s were a little more optimistic in some respects, and of course, there are those “novelty” songs. All her songs are influenced by celtic and english folk traditions.

I wanted my side to sound old, almost low fi. Simone wanted a crisp and pretty sound. I wanted apocalyptic and biblical imagery and themes and Simone, well…. who knows? Simone is Simone. We did however have to compromise on the addition of instruments. I was hoping to strip the recordings down to the bare minimum and did. Simone was happy to have other musicians add to the songs but time got the better of her!!! We did end up with some violin parts by Sandy Gibbney and some percussion added from Jon Jones but not much.

In a nutshell, there was only one thing to do in order to remain as performers in a duo and that was to combine the songs in some way so that we could continue as a team. The result is “Let Isabelle Out” a double album of 20 songs influenced by some very traditional styles of folk and blues.”

About the artist: Simone and Craig perform a blend of original songs and instrumentals which cover a range of folk music styles including Delta Blues, Ki Hoalu (Hawaiian slack key) with occasional Celtic and Country music influences. They are regulars to the folk music circuit. With a wide variety of instruments including finger style acoustic and slide guitars, mandolin, bouzouki and flute, they perform mostly poignant, hard-hitting original ballads and instrumentals dealing with a range of topics both serious and funny.

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