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A Czardas, meaning tavern dance, is the definitive dance tune of the Hungarian Rom. The tunes for this dance mix a tempo fantasies, frantic themes, marching and swinging sections and changes of key and dynamics all in one piece.
Czardas are: Majorie Gadd violin, Erin Collins vocals and Steve Gadd guitar, vocals and darubuka.


CD review by Richard Holz

TN158 – Oct 23 

Czardas are Marjorie Gadd on violin, Erin Collins on vocals and Steven Gadd on guitar, vocals and darubuka.

A Czardas, meaning tavern dance , is the definitive dance tune of the Hungarian Roma.

This Tasmanian trio have been inspired by this complex but passionate tune form.

They have composed new tunes and arranged melodic materials drawn from Romany, Middle Eastern and Klezmer sources.

I think the combination of the guitar and violin really shines when brought together on the instrumental tunes such as “Ma Navu Israeli” (trad) and “Iberian Fantasia” (Steve Gadd).

Steve Gadd also shows his tune writing prowess in songs such as “Gypsy Tocatta”.

The traditional “Hungarian Gypsy Waltz” typifies the Czardas sound.

Erin Collins’ vocals are good on tracks such as Sweet Is The Red Red Wine” and “Blow You Wind”.

However, I think it is in the traditional Ladino song “Adio” where her vocals soar when singing in the Ladino language.

The final track on the album is a mix of Steve Gadd’s “Sun Shower” with traditional tunes from Romania and Odessa.

It is a fitting finish to this album demonstrating the trio’s ability to meld the old and the new.

Lovers of this type of music from Eastern Europe and the Middle East in the Roma tradition will enjoy this album immensely.

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