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“The hole in the Elephant’s Bottom” is part two of a two cd set, and includes some of the best music hall,Variety and popular musical-hall/comedy/Tear jerking “folk Songs” from a century ago. I learned them as a child, from my parent’s music, their “78” collection, Pantomimes, the local pub when friday night included old Jim on the piano and a bar full of singers, 1960s/70’s folk clubs, and during the last 25 years as a professional entertainer as “Dr Burt- the one-man band”.

As a West country Englishman who is proud of his ethnic folk heritage, i know i am standing on the shoulders of these famous writers and entertainers as i perform these pieces.

These are some of the great songs of their -and our- Sing along , and enjoy!

1. The Hole in the elephant’s Bottom
2.Abdul Abulbul ameer
3.He Played his ukulele as the ship went down
4.Medley: Daisiy/Dickie bird?apple tree
5.The rose of Allendale
6. Silver threads among the gold
7.Waltzes: Nutley waltz/Princess Margaret’s
8. The sailors love
9. The old Sow
10.The old dun cow caught fire
11.Goodnight ladies/show me the way to go home

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