Dave Stringer – Divas & Devas


CD Review by Graham Blackley

If you are approaching the frayed edges of a stressful and ragged week, and you wish to engage in deep and restorative relaxation, you will relish this spellbindingly beautiful album.

It is well equipped to quieten the buzzing mind and to bring a restorative stillness to the busiest of lives.

Multi-instrumentalist, Dave Stringer, is joined by a talented bunch of vocalists and musicians, who collectively generate a deep and meditative atmosphere that is likely to both relax and enliven the listener.

If you are tired of bands who stick to guitar, bass and drums, this album provides an intriguing and refreshing alternative as it features a wide and diverse range of instruments (such as mandolin, tablas, flugelhorn, dulcimer and djembe) being used to harmonious effect.

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