Des Kennedy & Blues Utopia – Blues Band


Des Kennedy is a Melbourne based artist who does not need any introduction.
He regularly performs at festivals, clubs, pubs and even on the streets of busy Melbourne.
He is backed by his band Blues Utopia for his third album.
Blues Band was recorded quite differently from his first two CDs.
This was a labour of love like the other two albums except that this time each instrument was recorded on separate days.

All Songs arranged by and composed by Des Kennedy and his backing band =20 BLUES UTOPIA. This is Des Kennedy’s third album. The first being ” =20 Harp N Soul” the second being a double cd “The Blues Man” and now =20 “BLUES BAND”.

First to be recorded was percussion and Harmonica, then guitar, Bass, =20 and finally keys.

Track 1. is a live recording with the inclusion of Congo drums and didgeridoo.

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