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2CDs and 1 DVD Didjworks – Raindance
Review by John Williams

This triple CD was produced by Naturebeat Music at Byron Bay.
It is a lavish production featuring a focus on the didjeridoo, keyboards and percussion.
The package consists of two CDs titled ‘Water’ and ‘Sun’ and a two-and-a-half-hour DVD titled ‘Earth’.
The package was put together through the efforts of Van Vardoen (keyboards) and Simon 7 (didjeridoo)who figure prominently in the three works.
They are assisted by Chinta (percussion), Luke Ferguson (bass) and Nanda (table) on ‘Water’.
In ‘Sun’, Rory Brown is the bass player.
‘Water’ is made up of 11 tracks with titles such as ‘Daintree’, ‘Rainbow Tribe’ and ‘Byron Bay’ so the listener will know what to expect.
‘Sun’ has eight tracks.
The music is interesting and well-produced.
The DVD has some beautiful images with the music added.
You will see beautiful underwater shots, many scenes from third world countries, snow-capped mountains and Buddhist practices.
The last 12 minutes is from Australia.
There is no commentary and I personally found it hard to watch for two and a half hours.
I wonder how many people have that much time in their lives.
There is a lot that I recognised from nature shows I have watched previously but, apart from thanking David Attenborough and the BBC, there is no mention of the source of much of the material.
I found the CD interesting and hope I have given enough information about the package for readers to decide if they would be interested in owning it.

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3 Disc Set, includes 1 x DVD and 2 x CDs

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