Dobe Newton – A Convict Can’t Be Trusted


Dobe Newton – A Convict Can’t Be Trusted

It’s been a long time coming! After 36 years as the stalwart of Australia’s much-travelled Bushwackers Band, front man Dobe Newton has finally released his own solo recording.

Well, obviously after 36 years of Bushwacking, the traditional influence would be strong. But then again, growing up in the 1960s as a devoted rock/folk/blues/soul/RnB fan and player, there were likely to be all sorts of influences in the mix. Without making any conscious decisions, the songs were allowed to find their own voice.

No idea was considered too “way out”, but it soon became clear that things were heading directly to the left-of-country direction. Add Australian voices, stories and characters, and there you have it – Australiana!


CD Review by Eric Ford (The Folk Show Radio Adelaide 101.5FM)

Dobe,for so long the voice of the Bushwackers (and still when they get together) and the voice almost of Australian Traditional music has released a new CD.

I’m not sure how long it is since his last,but this surely is an occassion. He has of course co-opted many to help so not a solo CD. Is there such a thing today?

Among those with him are,Wendy Stapleton and Ally Mcnaughton on vocals.Paul Norton,bass,electric and acoustic guitars synths and also vocals;Robyn Paynevariouis keyboards;Gerry Hale ,fiddle and mandolin;Dan Bourke,fiddle;Tony O’Neill and Gerry Pantazis. The material is almost quintessential Dobe and includes his collaboration with Bruce Woodley “I am Australia-anyone for a new National Anthem? The songs appear traditional until that is you check the credits. Most were written or cowritten by Dobe.Mind you there is a Marrianne Faithful title there-“Ireland”! “Past Carin” is the only documented traditional song.

Topics covered include,Bushrangers,Transportation,the Land and the Bush,Immigration. Sports include Cricket,Footy,Davis Cup and racing,(Phar Lap) of course Banjo, Henry Lawson clancy Bradman and Saltbush Bill are all there too as is Ned Kelly and sister Kate, Mines, Miners, strikes and unions and even piracy run thru’ the CD.

The title coming from a line in “Ball and Chain” Outwith “I am Australian”,”Australian Home” is a favourite. “Bold Jack Donahue” delves into the supernatural with the ghosts of most of our bushrangers at a picnic reminiscing of past deeds.”The Bush Dance” speaks,should that be,sings for itself!

There is I think a certain skill in writing songs today that just sound “Old”.The writers on this CD have achieved that.

Tightly produced by Paul Norton the CD is Dobe at his best… In the words of the TV Shopping Channel – Buy Now!!

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