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The Convict Voice – songs of transportation to Norfolk Island and NSW. ReCollected: Don and Sue Brian

The clanking of chain and the moans on the triangles were not the only sound tracks to the life of convicts. Poetry, song, theatre and dance music provide an often unrecognised layer to their aural experience.

The attitude of the ‘convict stain’, and other reactions to this view of the history of transportation, has helped diminish the importance of the musical and poetic life of convicts. These perceptions of history also undervalued the success of emancipated convicts in creating a functioning society in so short a time despite, or perhaps because of, their convict experience.

Songs and poems written by convicts who were transported to Norkfolk Island and New South Wales.

Full contents:

  • Tracks Labouring with the hoe
  • The Norfolk Island exile
  • Assisted passage
  • Moreton Bay instrumental
  • Barrow’s tour of hell
  • The cooking pot riot
  • Jim Jones instrumental
  • James Porter’s lament
  • Crankmill thanks
  • Exiles return
  • The currency lass or colonial courtship
  • The street hearts of the female factory
  • Macquarie Harbour
  • Exile of Erin or the plains of emu
  • Adieu to judges and juries
  • The catalpa
  • Piracy of the Wellington.

Gleaned from the resources and research of “ReCollected”, (Sue and Don Brian) a magnificent collection of songs, tunes and poems from Norfolk Island. Performed by Don Brian (Forty Degrees South) and supported by the production  of Pete McMahon. 

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