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Thirteen years ago, the Dya Singh Music Group recorded its debut album ‘Australian Sikh Rhythm &.Soul at the Lion Arts Centre in Adelaide, Australia. This latest album, funded by The Australia Council for The Arts, was recorded at the Nexus Cabaret on 12/13 November 2005. next door to the original Lion Theatre, but still part of the Lion Arts Centre Complex. A great deal has happened to the group over 13 years, but the spirity and passion remains the same. Our music is always a voyage into the spirit and what Dya Singh calls, a greater awareness of the ‘source of all creation’. The editing and mixing of this CD has been kept to a minimum to retain the ‘live’ feel of the music.

About the artist: Dya Singh has traveled the globe spreading multicultural messages of love, unity, meditation, spirituality and peace. Though a Sikh himself, he promotes a non-denominational message of truth and finding an inner spirit.The music is based on his own Sikh Hymns with the addition of instruments including the didgeridoo, bozouki, dilruba, santoor, violin, tabla, flute and more. Joined by an amazing selection of musicians including Dheeraj Shrestha, Andrew Clermont, Keith Preston, Josh Bennett and his daughters Jamel, Harsel, and Parvyn. It is truly a unique experience.

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