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Earlwood Greg – Sweet One CD Review by John Williams

This is another CD that grabbed me right from first listening. That sure makes it easy to write a review! This is a great blues CD from a performer with a long-time interest in this genre who has spent many years perfecting his craft. Greg has performed a lot over the years in a variety of forms but mainly with two bands, Three Left Feet and The Howling Wolfgang. Musicians from both bands get a guernsey here. They are Peter Mackie, Johnny Jacobs, Peter Kohlhoff and Andrew Macey There are eight tracks composed by Greg, including a great instrumental, ‘Booker’s Blues’.

There are another nine tracks from traditional blues performers such as Huddie Leadbetter and Sonny Boy Williamson and some contemporary blues artists. Greg and the band do justice to all this material. There are two versions of the title track composed by Greg. It is a good way to start and fi nish the CD as it lets the listener know what to expect right from the start. The other tracks composed by Greg were all worth a listen. And what you get is a great salute to the blues with some fi ne musicianship along the way.

There were many highlight tracks and a couple of my favorites were ‘Finger on the Pulse’ and ‘Long Night’, both composed by Greg. You’ll fi nd yourself foot tapping in many of the songs in what is a worthwhile CD to listen to. I found this CD a pleasure from beginning to end. It creates a great blues feel throughout.

I enjoyed it and can recommend it to any fan of the blues.

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