Eilean Mor – Left of the Sun


Celtic world music group Eilean Mor perform a mix of songs & tunes based on the rich Scots Gaelic tradition. The band’s style is fresh & contemporary, incorporating elements from world music, trance, jazz & roots, all carefully blended with a secure knowledge of the music traditions of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Eilean Mor  ‘Left of the Sun

CD Review by John Williams

Let me begin by saying this is a beautifully crafted CD.Eilean Mor are a band of consummate musicians who play music with a Scottish Gaelic influence. They have been together for some years now and have successfully toured Scotland in 2006, England and New Zealand in 2007 and even Tasmania in 2008!

This is their second album.The title is a reference to the early migrations to Australia from Scotland when the sailing ship captains would steer to the ‘left of the sun’.

This CD includes several traditional songs from Scotland, some with arrangements by Catherine Fraser a violin teacher and virtuoso with a world wide reputation whose talent comes to the fore throughout the CD.

Some were written in Australia by Scottish exiles in the 1800s.

The highlight traditional tracks for me were ‘Young Girl of the Fold’, ‘Braes of Lochiel’ ‘Charlie is My Darling’ and the moving ‘Lament for the Brothers’ which rounds off the CD and shows the full power of Ruth Martin’s voice.

Ruth Martin is the vocalist for the band and her beautiful voice is a total pleasure to listen to.

Most tracks are in Scottish Gaelic and even if you know nothing of this language you are transported by Ruth’s voice.

Her diverse talents are on show in ‘The Mystery of Eilean Mor’ which she also composed.

The other musicians are Bill Williams (upright bass), Bill Grose (guitar) and Ed Rodrigues whose percussion work is amazing.

His drumming on ‘Boy Calum’ is brilliant as it is throughout the whole CD.

This CD is highly recommended.

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