Franklyn B Paverty – With My Swag On My Shoulder


Franklyn B Paverty – With My Swag All On My Shoulder Review by Ian Dearden Looking at the band photograph in the CD insert, it’s clear that these guys have discovered the fountain of youth. Having started in the early 1970’s, Franklyn B Paverty is, as they describe themselves, “one of Australia’s most enduring folk bands”. This CD draws together 22 songs (and one tune, Women of Ireland) from a series of LPs (anyone remember those strange round black things) released between 1982 and 1988. The repertoire is the Great Australian (Folk) Songbook, with all the songs you learnt at school, only on this CD, they’re done superbly, full of life and passion. There’s a couple of Eric Bogle songs, and a John Warner song in there, but otherwise, this would have to be one of the best “primers” of traditional Australian folk and bush music recordings that I’ve heard. Given the age of the material, the recording quality is high, there is, in particular, some exquisite fiddle playing, and the singing is all “in the tradition” ie performed in a broad but very listenable “Strine” accent. There could be no better introduction to our wonderful Australian musical heritage, and the longevity of these musical methuselahs is something to behold. Now if I just keep staring at the CD cover photograph (an iconic Australian bush scene) long enough, I might just be able to work out the map coordinates for that legendary fountain!!

About the artist: One of Australia’s most popular bush/Aussie folk bands for many years and still going strong, having just released its 7th album. Good old fashioned, lively, authentic bush music at its very best. Unpretentious, infectious, foot tapping – good musical fun and tales (tall and short) from Australia’s rich heritage and folklore.

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