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Heather’s album “We are One” is a collection of songs reflecting humanity and life. Her conscious and personal lyrics express lessons learned and explore questions asked about humanitarian, philosophical, social, spiritual and political issues. It is this honest writing which has received critical accliam from tough critics.

About the artist: Adelaide’s multi-award-winning songstress Heather Frahn has a solo career spanning over 15 years. Drawing from blues, funk, world, roots and new folk, she delivers her signature mighty vocals embracing conscious lyrics motivated by peace, well being and spiritual growth. Heather plays a unique 8 stringed hybrid guitar-bass also playable as a lap slide, plus Irish bouzouki and stomp box. Touring nationally and internationally, Heather’s earthy songs are helping pioneer the ‘conscious music movement.’


CD review by Chris Spencer


Frahn is a musician who resides in Adelaide.

This CD seems to be the last of her “singersongwriter mode”.

Looking on Bandcamp, Frahn now performs meditation and music for relaxation which are only available as digital recordings.

The times that I saw Frahn perform at festivals, I thought her material was more jazz influenced rather than strictly folk.

On this album, Heather has used other influences, such as rap or hip hop, as seen in the chorus of the first song on the album, “All Just Sleeping”.

This song covers the apathy of bystanders ignoring the plight of a man who had collapsed in a shopping mall.

This track also utilises trumpet and flute.

The title track also has some inflections of rap.

Frahn talks rather than sings on two of the verses.

This track comments on being in tune with our environment.

“No Worth” touches on the ethics of having physical possessions rather than a kind heart.

“Into the Now” comments on the stresses placed on individuals, and the pressures of life.

“Divine Beautiful Love” slows down the tempo somewhat.

Frahn is recorded within a bleak framework, just her vocals and her guitar.

The following song, “Happiness” has a jaunty, shuffling rhythm which is more uplifting.

“Intuition” is driven by Heather on Irish bouzouki and a range of percussion instruments.

This song encourages listeners to follow their intuition, ignoring fashions and trends.

Frahn’s vocals are stretched on this track, from a deep growl to a soaring soprano.

Another track that is low-key is “It’s Alright” with its slower pace, relaxed groove.

“Pure Golden Heart” has some jazz leanings, probably provided by jazz drummer Tony Floyd who plays on most tracks on the album, and the saxophone played by Lauren Pittwood.

“Whirl Wind” is suitably upbeat to reflect its theme of not being affected by events surrounding us.

Musical accompaniment includes the previously mentioned trumpet, hybrid baritone guitar, saxophone, flute, clarinet, slide dobro, Irish bouzouki and stomp box.

An interesting aspect to this album is that it is produced by Richard Pleasance, who not only produces but contributes some musical additions himself.

Pleasance is probably more well known in Australian pop and rock circles, but on this recording, he has been deft in his arrangements and choice of instruments, not usually associated with folk.

This album is a confident outing by a singer who had previously released at least 5 previous recordings.

Listeners will enjoy Frahn’s voice, which varies from being strident to delicate.

The arrangements ensure that the tracks are varied, providing an interesting 50 minutes of music.

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