Iain McKenzie & Emma Nixon – The Black Bear


Review by Graham Blackley

What music can lift the sagging spirits on a desultory Sunday morning and dispel the thickening fog induced by a whisky-soaked Saturday evening? How about something lively, energetic and toe-tapping? Fortunately, Iain McKenzie and Emma Nixon’s CD The Black Bear was on hand to brighten the morning and re-energise those of us fighting a valiant battle against the encroachment of self-inflicted weariness. This enjoyable collection of instrumental tunes features an up-tempo regimental march (“The Black Bear”), catchy jigs (“Saw Jig” and “Wee Cooper O’ Fife”) and “Crackin’ Reels” (“Sally’s Reel”). For those of us with a Scottish heritage, much fun and nods of recognition are likely to ensue during the evocatively titled “Scarce O’ Tatties” and “Farewell to Irn Bru”. In fact, a glass or two of Irn Bru (Scotland’s finest and most legendary soft drink) would have been a rather wonderful and fitting accompaniment to this enlivening listening experience.

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