Jan Preston – The Cool Boogie Woogie


Jan Preston – The Cool Boogie Woogie
CD review by Chris Spencer

This album, which is Preston’s 10th by my reckoning, sees Preston change her style – but not by much.
It’s less full on tilt boogie; this album seems more laid back.
The boogie is there but it’s a bit more casual!
The first two tracks are typical of Preston’s work: piano boogie and Jan singing.
“Leaving Town” slows the tempo down to a mere stroll.
The title track is certainly ‘Cool’ – it’s unhurried, jaunty and one of the better tracks.
It has a male background chorus during the last verse.
It’s also the first 3 songs not written by Preston.
Track 2, “Tonight’s the Night” has a similar tempo – relaxed – and features the bass playing of Nigel Masters, who also assisted in the recording of the album.
This time, Preston has gone back to her homeland to record the album at a New Zealand studio.
“Boatshed Boogie”, which I presume is named after the studio where the album was recorded, features some of the cast of the studio – Grant Bullot on harmonica and washboard, John Nicholson on clarinet, and Derek Jacombs on guitar.
“Devil Take Me Tonight” is also a slower ballad, while “Looking for Things” is a choppy tune, that has a double bass and clarinet accompaniment.
“Ivan the Cool” is an instrumental that Preston has dedicated to her son, “Raining in Hamburg” is another slowie, perhaps in 6/8 time?
“The Boogie Gal” is a more typical driving boogie while appropriately the last song, another instrumental, is a slow number to round off the album.
Another enjoyable album from Jan.

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