Jane Aubourg – Ostinato


Jane Aubourg – Ostinato
by John Williams
Jane Aubourg is a classically
trained violinist who
studied at the Wollongong
Conservatorium of Music and
is now studying composition
at the Sydney Conservatorium.
She plays contemporary music
on an electric violin and uses digital
effects to create her music.
Jane has played a wide variety of
music from all genres over the years
but for this CD has taken what I
would call a contemporary classical
This is her fi rst CD.
The musical infl uences range
from Bach to Simon and Garfunkel.
Jane explains on the cover
that Ostinato means a continually
repeated musical phrase or rhythm.
Jane creates a link through nine
tracks on this CD. You can pick up
the repeated phrases and rhythms
in each track.
I enjoyed listening to this CD.
It is a pleasure to have on in the
background as you go about your
daily routine or to just sit and enjoy
as I did with a gin and tonic one
sunny afternoon. I also found it
relaxing to listen to while driving in
traffi c. No road rage that day!
It is diffi cult to single out
individual tracks as the CD blends
together so well but I did especially
enjoy ‘Finding Frangipanis’, ‘Parsley,
Sage ,Rosemary and Thyme’ and
‘The Bach Divide’.
Jane has composed all but one of
the tracks on the CD and performs
all the music herself.
I enjoyed listening to this CD and
can recommend it. It provides a
new and exciting take on the violin

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