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“Worlds Apart”, the debut album by Jane Sage, released 13th December 2010.
The dynamic sound of this album holds true to Jane’s acoustic composition roots, but is driven by a strong rhythm section, coloured with electric guitars, percussion, strings and horns. It displays genre crossover potential, grounded production and organic delivery that won’t detract from the earnest lyrics and natural vocals. One is reminded of Melissa Etheridge, Claire Bowditch or Missy Higgins. The songs tell stories of relationships – both from the songwriter’s personal experiences and those observed in others; songs of love, friendship, defeat, triumph, what could have been, what might be, right, wrong, intimacy and isolation. Difference becomes distance, as time becomes space.

Jane was influenced at an early age by the storytelling of the folk and country played by her mother at home, and the energy and emotion of rock music as it drifted out of radio speakers in the small coastal town of Moruya. She was blessed with a natural vocal ability, singing with such clarity and passion that audiences were always surprised to find this voice coming from a child. An interest in poetry, words and storytelling combined with a passion for singing led her to create her own style of acoustic, guitar-based, contemporary folk rock music. Several years on, and a mix of different songs from a range of eras in her songwriting have been brought together on her debut album “Worlds Apart”. It’s a mix of folk and rock with a hint of blues and country thrown in. Sometimes pop, sometimes not. Emotive melodies and earnest lyrics delivered by the voice that is unmistakably Jane Sage.

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