Jeff Aschmann – El Nino EP


Additional musicians: Marisol Pacheco – backing vocals, huiro, charango, bombo, quena, Pol O’Shea – bass, drums, guitar, keyboards.
Sanket Schmidt – didgeridoo, Tracey Flynn – backing vocals, Peter Squire – trumpet, keyboards, backing vocals, Ken Vatcher – drums, Joel Squire – saxophone, backing vocals, Jenny Bourne – backing vocals, Candelo Street Singers.

CD Review by Greg Barnett

Jeff appears to be body-and-soul committed into getting his message out about the wonders of nature, our deleterious effects on it, and the poor hand dealt to the indigenous First People.

From quick net searches, I think this EP is now quite rare, and the songs have since been incorporated on Jeff’s other releases.

The intentions are laudable but I think the message would hit home harder if the music was more memorable.

Melodies, rhythms, arrangements and words that lack impact/resonance are not going to become widely known, regardless of the recording quality (which is very good).

The songs need to be clearly different from each other, and also distinct from the available tsunami of singer-songwriter music.

Words and phrases should be pithy and encapsulate the cause.

For example, the last track finishes with ‘humpbacks sing for the world’ in a major key overlaid with didgeridoo.

It would have been more emotive to say “cry for the world” in the minor key, and overlaid with whale-song.

6 tracks and 19:23 playing time.

4-page cover booklet contains all lyrics.

Back cover lists all instruments and performers.

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