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At just 24-years-old Jenny Biddle has earned a reputation as a very gifted and talented singer-songwriter, and is critically acclaimed as a truly great guitarist. Jenny’s talent-repertoire also incorporates piano, adding dimension that when summed up with guitar skills and vocal sound, has drawn comparisons to the likes of Missy Higgins, Toni Childs, Kaki King and Jewel; Jenny has the ability to pre-offer a very broad musical presentation mixing mood and vivacity. A recent winner of the 2009 Just Guitars Best Artist Award held at the Port Fairy Folk Festival, she draws attention of many new fans. The new studio album from Jenny Biddle Chest of Drawers is released on VENT in Australia and NZ.
Jenny Biddle – Chest of Drawers CD review by Eric Ford
Jenny Biddle started writing and composing when she was about 10! Since then she has mastered the guitar (2009 Just Guitars Best artist award at Port Fairy Festival) and piano. She does a decent job with Harmonica and kick drum as well. Oh and she sings, does she sing. She has been likened to Missy Higgins and Toni Childs among others.She suffers not in comparison. Chest of Drawers is her first studio album. Her first album, a live one is called Almost Live at the Basement and was released in February 08.Chest was started in June 09 and was released in August. It quite simply is remarkable. Jenny wrote the songs and the music but credits James England with making them better. 11 songs and 1 instrumental, RSI and that from so much guitar and piano by Jenny. The voice is smoky at times ,light at others. She gets a rasp in there as well I like the thought that there’s a song about moving to Adelaide. It is my home of course. Jenny describes it as ” some place we like” Nice thought about my city The other songs question feelings and emotion. Express love and at time uncertainty. Hurt love gets its mention. Frequently has a wonderful opening line (I think) “I box you up like your disease” There is a jazz feel at times and that as they say ain’t bad.The standout track is her tribute to Black Saturday, Our Darkest Day. I like the catchy Come and Go. Not into You talks (sings?) of a romance that’s a bit one sided on his part.. Ah well he’s only a bloke! This has been so easy to listen to Jenny. Thank you Ma’am. I can’t wait (but I must) to enjoy a live Concert. You should if you are in the neighbourhood where she is playing, simply go.

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