Jim MacQuarrie – Time Can’t Erase


Jim has been performing since the early 60’s. From the old Coffee Houses of New York and Boston to the Concert Venues from Florida to the Maritime Provinces of Canada, this ex Nova Scotian has visited many clubs in many countries of our world (USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland and now Australia) and brings a wealth and variety of songs to his performances. A strong exponent of Cultural Harmony and Earth Environment -many of his songs deal with the many problems we face today and how History has dealt with them as well. Described as having a voice somewhere between Stan Rogers and Roy Bailey, Jim pleases audiences wherever he performs, be it a Restaurant, Pub, Cafe or Club. At recent Festivals in Cobargo and Canberra (National) Jim’s venues were fully attended and the response was very positive, with a CD being available by mid year this old folky’s – career is on the upturn!! Jim MacQuarrie, guitar, vocals, additional musicians: Dave O’Neill – mandolin, fiddle, Ruth Hazleton – harmony vocals

“Here we have a long awaited album from Jim MacQuarrie, expatriate Canadian, now resident of the NSW south coast and a familiar performer at clubs and festivals in this part of the world. Don’t be fooled by the photo on this CD’s back cover. It might look like a shot of a young man, fashionably retro-dressed, playing a flashy two fingered jazzy guitar lick a la Django Reinhardt, but we soon find that appearances are deceptive. Jim is actually a (ahem!) “mature” singer whose musical leanings, and certainly guitar technique, are more Tom Paxton than Django. Time Can’t Erase is a pleasing collection of modern-ish songs in folk ballad style, mostly penned by Canadian writers, including three by Jim, whose mellow and resonant baritone voice is well suited to the ballad style. The songs all carry positive messages (such as Stan Rogers’ anthemic “Mary Ellen Carter”), some are tales of enduring love (“Roseville Fair” and Jim’s own composition “Because You Are”), and some are offering hope for the future (“Minstrel of Cranberry Lane” and “What Will I Leave”). Dave O’Neill makes an impressive contribution both as producer and multi-instrumental accompanist. A hugely talented musician, he sensitively adds colour and dynamic touches right across this album, while Ruth Hazleton’s expressive harmonies lend a softness on several tracks, complementing Jim’s strong vocals. Those fortunate enough to have seen Jim, Ruth and Dave promoting this album will find Time Can’t Erase a satisfying reminder of those warm and engaging concert performances. Now this self-published CD will bring Jim MacQuarrie’s music to a wider audience. And what of that young man on the CD cover? For Jim, time can’t erase the memories of that first guitar and the thrill of getting those words and chords just right. A few years on, he’s definitely got em right with this album.” Review by Bruce Cameron

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