Joel Smoker – Smile


CD Review by Greg Barnett

This is Joel Smoker’s fifth album.

A prolific singer-songwriter, performer, painter, ceramicist and photographer from West Australia, he seems to be the modern renaissance man!

Musically, this is die-hard, true-blue, darn-dangnammit pure ‘Country Music’.

Tracks each select from a core set of acoustic guitar, pedal steel, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, ukulele, bass and drums.

The pedal steel is outstanding … providing a harmonic sparkle on almost every track.

Musicianship is spot-on throughout.

The singing is style-perfect and it’s always great to hear tight vocal harmonies regardless of genre.

Production quality is high.

Genre-wise, this album hugs the middle of the road, with simple melodies, chords and lyrics.

Folk clubbers, campfire singalongs and Country Music lovers would all enjoy it.

14 tracks and 51:54 playing time.

12-page cover booklet contains all lyrics.

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