Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens – Self Titled


Canberra’s Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens have concocted a blend of contemporary folk that will tug at your heartstrings and lap at your toes like the waves of the tide. From delicate whispers to desperate cries, Julia’s intricate tales of love and lack thereof are beautifully coloured by the delicate guitars and rhythms of the Deep Sea Sirens.

CD REVIEW – by John Williams

This is a new album from the exciting Canberra based group Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens. This band is building a big following and it is easy to see why.

They will appeal to a wide range of people.  Julia has an interesting voice and uses it well in all tracks. She is not afraid to use a wide variety of vocal gymnastics.

If you are a fan of Ember Swift, Kate Miller–Heidke or Merri-May Gill then I am sure you will enjoy this CD.

All tracks are written and arranged by Julia Johnson who also did the CD artwork.
The Deep Sea Sirens are a four piece group comprising Julia, Lindsey Bush, Nicholas Peddle and Matt Smith.

There are many fine songs on the CD.
I particularly liked “Wounded Soldiers”, “In from the Outside”, “Let me Count the Ways” and “Sweaty Palms”.

The CD finishes with the catchy “The Night is Young”.
It is a fine way to finish off an interesting CD and leaves you wanting more.
This CD features fine musicianship throughout from all concerned.
If I have one small criticism of the CD; it is that the lyrics weren’t printed on the cover.
Try to catch Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens at a festival near you or purchase this CD.
You won’t be disappointed.

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