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“Woman Loves Jazz”  by Maureen O’Brien


For some 15 years of her nearly 30 year songwriting journey, Maureen O’Brien has been promising to write a Woman’s Jazz album.  No more procrastinating Maureen – it’s done!

This is a 5-track album  (originally fashioned as an EP – until the guidelines of the Recording Academy were double checked and found that this one qualified as ‘album’ status) of original pieces.   Typically Maureen, the tracks are flavoured with a hints of *Folk Jazz  *Jazz Blues  and  *Latin Jazz .   She says “I’ve never had much taste for ‘white bread’ !  I love my music fused with many musical flavours.”

This album was recorded at the new Lampstand Studio in Maitland NSW, using the talents of studio engineer Zac Limon.  “Zac brings young talent, a fresh perspective, and multiple skills to the table and he’s done a great job with this recording.”


Contemporary singer/songwriter and touring performer, Maureen writes from the heart and sings it with passion. An interpretive vocalist, she has a rich, mellow vocal sound and selects material that best suits her vocal style. An evolving songwriter, her current work is a distinctive fusion of Jazz-Folk-Rock.

DivaFever 2015_Dungeon3Maureen has performed in a variety of groups and duos as well as being an accomplished solo performer. Her performances occur in a wide variety of entertainment experiences such as:

  • Tastings on the Terrace (Sunday afternoons in the  vineyards).
  • Wine and food festivals.
  • Music festivals.
  • Restaurants, cocktail functions, ‘lounge bar’ music, restaurants, dinner/theatre shows.
  • Dedicated concerts and Charity events/functions
  • Parties and boutique music sessions.

Live performances with her support bands are dynamic. She likes to give her musicians ‘room to breathe’ so every performance reflects a freedom to explore different approaches to selected material. The line-ups vary as she selects musicians from an extensive pool of talent to suit individual gigs. Her solo performances are described as ‘warm and intimate’.

As a songwriter Maureen writes from the heart and interprets from the soul. She has written and performed Classic Blues and Jazz, Folk-Rock, Jazz-Rock and Contemporary Folk and Blues genres. She has been a multi-finalist in the 1233 ABC Radio Newcastle Music Awards and her second album, Many Shades of Blue, was awarded the prestigious Trad&Now Magazine’s Best CD of 2006 in the Blues and Roots genre. Her third album, Luminous, and fourth album, Ebb & Flow,  received regular airplay throughout community stations across Australia via selection by AMRAP for Album of the Month awards. Tracks from Luminous have also been selected for airplay oversees.

She has recorded single and EP projects for fundraising events, and written and recorded Musical Scores for Theatre works.

Maureen has been writing and performing for more than a decade and is a fully-fledged writer member of the industry association, Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA).

Performance History
As a full time musician and creative artiste, Maureen’s performance biography is too extensive to list here.  The fact that she is repeatedly invited back to perform at regular and annual events substantiates her establishment as a high quality entertainer.  If you are considering engaging her services, contact her direct for testimonials



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