Keith McHenry – White on Black


White on Black; In the Spirit of Reconciliation
National Folk Festival, Canberra 23 April 2000
An examination of how White Australians developed and sustained through song and verse their stereotypes about Aboriginal people.

Come join the journey, journey of Healing,
Let the spirit guide us hand in hand.
Let’s get together into the future,
The time has come to make a stand.

Let’s heal our hearts, let’s heal our pain.
Bring the stolen children home again.
Come and join the journey, journey of Healing,
Together as one, across this land.

Keith McKenry – White on Black

Scripted and narrated by Keith McKenry; assisted by, Peter Bate voice and mandolin; Warren ‘Arch’ Bishop voice; Frank Daniel voice; Ted Egan voice and percussion; Johnny Huckle voice and guitar; Helen Moran, voice; Chloe Roweth voice and mandolin; Jason Roweth voice and guitar; John Shortis voice and keyboard; Moya Simpson voice and kazoo; Jim Smith voice; Tony Suttor voice and accordion

About the artist: A slightly crazy performance poet, Keith has been delighting festival audiences for over 25 years. In concert, he interweaves original verse with bush poetry, presenting an amalgam of history, humour, and social comment that defies stereotype. This year Keith is launching his new book ‘Australia’s Lost Folk Songs’, and giving a theme presentation on The Folklore of Prejudice. He is also providing both beginner and advanced workshops on performance poetry and recitation.

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