Khristian Mizzi – Self Titled EP


Recorded on a rainy evening, surrounded by friends, wine, other assorted drinks and friends, Khristian Mizzi has managed to capture the essence and spirit of troubadours past and present.
Mellifluous is the word for this EP and its contents are full of lessons learnt and yet to learn. The lyrics invoke the likes of Guthrie, Paxton, Seeger and more; folk is an ever evolving genre, but Khristian remains faithful to the original foundations and takes us visually to places only a true folk player can. There are no hidden messages here, purely tales and powerful ones at that too.
Opening up with Tomorrow Is A New Day, Khristian conjures up, as only he can, phrases such as “….as soon as I can leave yesterday behind.” This places us in a quandary, for we know that tomorrow never comes and that yesterday becomes today. The harp playing comes in at just the right moment and compliments the song and leads us straight back into the chorus where “regrets cast shadows in my mind.”  Who hasn’t been there?
This is truly a song of the human condition and all the dilemmas one faces in life; beautifully crafted and sung.
Introspection is a hard topic to write about, but Khristian comes across with some outstanding lyrics: “some are drowning in the sea of endless riches, some are sailing on the ruins of it all”. Yes this is a soul searching number, but not one written at a puerile or distant level. It is there for us all to grasp the reality of it and take a fresh look at ourselves and the chaotic world that surrounds us.
“The more I learn the less I know” Khristian sings on World Turns and unexpectedly Megan Bernard’s electric guitar playing storms in, but assertively and gently so.
Khristian is a singer/songwriter who relates our times in a way only he can, whilst, admittedly, also wearing his heart on his sleeve, but not in an ego-centric manner. His tales, for that is what his songs are, are truisms for our time and no matter what age one is these songs belong to us all.
This EP is filled with sadness, joy, regrets and more but is far from sorrowful and shows that folk is in good and capable hands.

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