Kim Sanders – Trance ‘n’ Dancin

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Trance ‘n’ Dancin is an exploration of trance music, from the etherial flights of the ney flute used in the rituals of Turkey’s Mevlevi Dervishes to the hypnotic dance-rhythms of the Balkans. It also features the world’s first composition for Bulgarian bagpipe and Hammond organ Track Listing

1. Saba Taksim (Sanders) 2. Saba Saz Semaisi (Celebi Murad, Arr. Sanders & Kennard) 3. Kimizi Gul (Trad. Turkish arr Sanders & Kennard) 4. Tamzara (Trad. Turkish arr. Sanders & Kennard) 5. Solitary Circumambulation (Sanders) 6. Kaval Taksim (Sanders) 7. Ah Ya Zane (Trad. Arabic arr. Sanders & Kennard) 8. Yuksek Yuksek Tepelere (Trad Turkish arr. Sanders & Kennard) 9. Beyati Taksim (Sanders) 10. Beyati Saz Semai (Serif Icli. Arr. Sanders & Kennard 11, Impossible Dreams of Sonia (Sanders) 12. Gidemem Siraza Ben (Trad. Turkish arr. Sanders & Kennard) 13 Soporific Taksim (Sanders) 14 Bebek (Trad. Turkish arr. Sanders

This CD is a lovely combination of traditional and original music. Kim Sanders own compositions and the traditional Turkish and Arabic tunes create a truly trance sound. Some of the tracks are meditative whilst others inspire one to dance. The title of this CD is apt if your style of trance is smooth and reflective. This CD certainly evokes a sense of the ancient and includes dervish music. The instrumentation is essentially traditional instruments such as ney, harmonium, and gaidas, with a few interesting exceptions including the Hammond organ. I love the opening track on ney, the Arabic flute. This track flows seamlessly into track 2, which feels exactly right. One of my favourite tracks is “Tamzara” in 9/4. It has a lovely cycle and both the time signature and the choice of drums gives the tune a subtle syncopation which really made me prick up my ears. It was well worth the three months it took to transcribe. “Beyati Saz Semai” is beautiful in its sparseness of instruments and despite this minimal use of instruments the tune itself flows along and keeps the listener inspired. Track 11 “Impossible Dreams of Sonia”gives quite a change of feel especially with the electric piano sound and the jazzy drumming style using a ride cymbal. This is a moody CD, it will move you in many ways physically and spiritually. It inspires Trance Dance as well the opportunity for choreography for those so inclined. As a musician myself I especially appreciate the inclusion of time signatures on the track list. Review by Malcolm Fielding

About the artist: One time cane-cutter, meatworks labourer and documentary film researcher, Kim Sanders has played with Gypsy brass bands in Macedonia, studied with Sufi ney-masters in Turkey, performed on national radio in Bulgaria and national TV in Indonesia, in mosquito-ridden clubs in Gambia, tavernas in Greece and in concert-halls from the Atatürk Cultural Centre in Istanbul to the Jintai Museum in Beijing. Hear the soaring lines of the Dervish ney flute, the rich buzz of the duduk, the crazed rhythms of the Bulgarian bagpipe…and the unforgettable wail of the aardvark.
Trance’n’Dancin ‘s musicians are: Kim Sanders Peter Kennard
Producer: Kim Sanders

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