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Two and half years since the release of his debut album, ‘Sliding to Your Destiny’, Leigh Sloggett has a new release titled ‘Looking for the Clues’. This is a purely acoustic album presenting the maturing musical style he has been developing over the last decade. As reflected in the album title these songs, built around the rich resonant sounds of open tuned guitars, explore journeys of individuals searching for answers. The album opens with the syncopated acoustic guitar groove of the title track that feels like steps into the unknown and we soon find ourselves amidst the thoughts of the protagonist disorientated in a foreign land. As we progress through the tracks we move into the hypnotic finger picking of the descending guitar line of ‘Stone’, where the nature of the soul is questioned. Next we take a journey ‘On the Climbing Road’, where we look back into the beauty of past environments now lost. Track six, ‘Good Fortune’, is a slide guitar tour de force and opens us up to the idea of stepping out and taking chances to gain the rewards. ‘Switchback’ is a contemporary, energetic, guitar instrumental just made to listen to while driving on the open road. Musically, powerful yet intricate finger picked guitar, enriched by emotive tones of double bass and subtle percussive elements, sit smoothly behind husky vocals that carry us through these searching lyrical journeys. ‘Money Can’t Buy Happiness’ has Liz Frencham’s sensual vocal improvisation working behind Sloggett’s bluesy delivery, while ‘River’ has the primitive calls of Didgeridoo working with the ambient sound of slide guitar. The gospel feel of ‘Am I Going Insane’ is given a sweet melancholy edge with the introduction of violins. ‘Looking for the Clues’ shows a growth in all aspects of Sloggett’s musical dexterity. An album that is not only a deeply rewarding listening experience but has a mysterious soul based in blues, roots and folk music that come together in a way that cannot easily be defined. 1. Looking for the Clues 4:54 2. Blue Jewel 3:06 3. Stone 5:28 4. On the Climbing Road 5:00 5. Money Can’t Buy Happiness 4:19 6. Good Fortune 5:51 7. Thornbill 2:05 8. Crayfish Col 6:51 9. Am I Going Insane 3:47 10. River 4:46 11. Switchback 2:58 12. Boomer and Sweet Honey 7:57 13. Sweet Water Rag 1:21

“In a world of soundalikes this is a refreshingly original album.” Geoff Pegler BluesBeat Radio 5EFM FM 89.3

About the artist: Growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Leigh took up guitar at the age of twelve. His first guitar teacher introduced him to the blues, which had immediate appeal and has remained a strong influence on his music until today. Music, especially guitar, guided him through his adolescence. However he put his guitar down in his early twenties to pursue his interest in art, only to return to it in his early thirties. It was at this time he started playing lap slide guitar and once again began writing songs, which gave him a musical focus. This led him to performing and on to recording his debut album titled ‘Sliding to your Destiny’ which he released in April 2006. On the 30th of November 2008 Leigh launched his second album titled ‘Looking for the Clues’ with a concert at the Guild Theatre in Melbourne. Leigh performs regularly around Melbourne and did his first tour overseas in 2008.


Leigh Slogget ‘Looking For The Clues’

CD Review by John Williams

Leigh Slogget is a multi talented Melbourne based artist.

Leigh has spent years studying the Japanese art of Netsuke carving and is internationally known for his work.

He re-started his musical career which he had put on the backburner while developing his art.

This is his second CD since taking up his musical career again.

Leigh sings and also plays guitar and lap slide guitar.

He is ably supported by Liz Frencham on double bass who also provides backing vocals on several tracks.

Mark Blanch and Tom Moore join them on drums for several tracks.

Stax on didgeridoo, Gretchen Anderson on violin and Jeremy Martin on thunder drum all appear on individual tracks.

The CD has twelve tracks of which ten were composed by Leigh himself.

This CD is great to listen to and is musically very tight.

I enjoy Leigh’s voice, it has an interesting throaty quality to it and is quite unique.

I liked the whole CD, especially Leigh’s subtle guitar playing.  Some of my favorite tracks were as follows.

‘Looking for Clues’ is about Leigh’s time in Japan and shows us part of his life journey.

‘On the Climbing Road’ shows Leigh’s guitar ability to its full extent and is a beautifully written lament for Paradise Lost.

‘Money Can’t Buy Happiness’ is a thought provoking take on the topic.

Great backing vocals are provided by Liz Frencham.

‘Good Fortune’ is one of the most positive songs I’ve heard for a while and also covers a part of Leigh’s life journey.

‘Crayfish Col’ is about a man who runs away, tries another life, then returns to where he was but still thinks of what he might do in the future.

Leigh Slogget writes meaningful lyrics based on his own interesting life with experiences out of the ordinary.

He backs it with great guitar work and the backing of very accomplished musicians.

I really enjoyed this CD and can recommend it highly

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