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My songs are about people, places and times which have been of great inspiration.
Kids songs which have won awards:

“Ragdoll Lullaby” – Winner – Unisong International Song Competition, Children’s Section, 1999

“Wheels” – Finalist, Unisong – Children’s Section, 1999

“Native Animals” – Finalist, Unisong – Children’s section, 1999

Linda Lockyer – Kids Songs volume 1
Cd Review by Peter Harrison
Linda Lockyer has recorded an album of 20 original songs, aimed at children, with the intention of educating as well as entertaining. Based mainly around Linda’s guitar, she also employs the use of bells, chimes, violin, steel guitar as well as lots of help from a bunch of kids helping with the choruses and backing vocals. It is obvious this CD has been produced as a community effort, with Linda openly praising those from her Armidale community who have helped with the recording and production of the album. As well she might- they do create a great community-style atmosphere to the recording, and it is nice to hear a grass-roots piece of kid’s entertainment in this Wiggly age. Some of the songs teach children about ideas such as the seasons, the planets, and animals. Others are simply there to entertain. Linda seems to have struck a good balance for preschoolers. Lyrically, some of the songs feel like they may be a little bit too complex for some children, but on the whole this is a good record for preschool children.

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