Lyell Sayer – Oldies but Goodies


A compliation CD of original folk-country songs in the Australian tradition.

by Jane Harding

Lyell Sayer is one of the legendary figures of Australian folk.
His songs have been covered by notables such as Wongawilli and Warren Fahey, and he is an inspiration to modern-day musical satirists such as Bruce Watson.

He is best known for his song “The F111” (F triple one), regaling the many faults and failings of the RAAF’s most controversial acquisition of the 1960s.
I had the great pleasure to see Lyell perform this live on stage as a guest of Bruce Watson at this year’s Maldon Folk Festival.

He has lost none of his magic and the audience was greatly amused, particularly by mention of our current (at the time of writing) Prime Minister strapped into the pilot seat of a doomed fighter jet! Oldies but Goodies is a CD re-release of songs originally recorded on vinyl by Lyell Sayer back in 1983-85.

Some of the references are a little dated but it stands up as a collection of great songs, on topics including convicts, criminals, cannibalism, unionism, modern day social issues such as over-fishing, smoking, asbestos and the exploitation of migrant workers.
There’s even a romantic ballad!

It would be great to see more of Australia’s folk music archives re-released on CD for the enjoyment (and education!) of younger folkies like me!

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