Maireid Sullivan – For Love’s Caress a Celtic Journey


Ancient travellers followed the stars in their navigation of the planet. This is a metaphor for my journey. The stars still represent the vast journey into infinity. Memories of my childhood in the Irish countryside make up the greater picture of the personal reality that I carry around with me all the time. It is a major part of my source of comfort and joy and courage as my adventure continues!

“Move over Enya, Maireid is here!!! Offering traditional Celtic tunes, plus more brilliant original compositions, “For Love’s Caress” reflects Maireid Sullivan’s versatility as a musical artist, and shows this is one powerful songstress that just keeps getting hotter and hotter! Her intelligence and musical genius shines through in her melodies and thoughtful lyrics. Her songs have an almost mystical intelligence to them, mature beyond her years. Spirit truly unites with flesh on “For Love’s Caress,” creating a sensuous and magical album that you can listen to over and over again.

The instrumentation and musicianship is superb, with guitar, cello, keyboards, and harp, as well as Uilleann Pipes, tin whistle, violin, and bullroarer. Maireid gathers together a remarkable blend of musicians such as Robert McEntee, Gerri Sutyak, Shannon Michael Terry, Martin Hayes, Eric Rigler, Ben Kettlewell, and Jim McGrath, giving this album a rich acoustic fullness and added depth. She is even joined by her mother, Mary Sullivan, and her sister, Genevieve, on the song “Anam Chara,” a song about the rare friendships that you find along life’s journey. The title cut, “For Love’s Caress” is a beautiful love song that makes your soul tremble. “Recurring Dream” is pure milk and honey, and my favorite cut on this finely-crafted album. The song’s melody, like many of Maireid’s tunes, haunts you for days afterward, and you find yourself humming this tune. “I Don’t Want to Hide” shows Maireid’s versatility, and has a real pop sensibility to it. Possessing one of the most extraordinary singing voices of our day, Maireid still delivers favorite traditional Celtic songs such as “The Leaving of Liverpool,” and “The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry.” Continuing as one of the most creative and dynamic contemporary Celtic artists, Maireid Sullivan is singing her way to the top! “For Love’s Caress” has my highest recommendation and top rating. This album makes the perfect gift!

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