Margaret Bradford – Bindi-eye Bop


Book & CD Review by Jim Low

Bindi-eye bop is a delightful collection of songs for kids and kids-at-heart. Most of the songs are Margaret Bradford’s original songs and the words are all presented in this beautifully illustrated, hard-covered book.

The full-colour illustrations that accompany the songs are the work of Janet Selby. This talented artist has skilfully created some wonderful illustrations to complement the songs.

Margaret has a wealth of experience from which to draw. A former school teacher and now grandmother to five boys, she has been passionately performing her songs to children and adults for many years. She knows what children like and this is apparent in the variety of subjects covered by the songs.

Dinosaurs, echidnas, blowflies and cockatoos share the pages with trampolines, bindi-eye grass, cars, bicycles and trips to the beach.

Wise words are gently sprinkled in some of the songs to encourage respect and concern for the way our environment is treated. Sensible choices, exercise and personal hygiene all get a look in as well.

This book of songs also includes a CD of their performance by Margaret and talented musicians. Margaret’s passion for music and her love and caring respect for children and the environment over which they will soon take charge, combine to make this book and its songs a valuable volume on the bookshelf.

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