Martin Pearson & the MP3 – Songs of Sedition & Swing


Martin Pearson and the MP3 – Songs of Sedition and Swing
Review by John Williams

Martin Pearson isn’t funny!
Before his many fans string me up just read on.
He isn’t, on this CD at least, apart from a slight glimpse of humor in the CD notes.
Those of us who have seen Martin live know he can be serious and make you think, amongst all the laughing, and now he has given us a whole CD to listen to which is serious and should make us think.
Martin gets together with Alex Legg (who also wrote two of the tracks on the CD and recorded the CD) and Chris Pain to record ten deep and meaningful songs.
The CD begins with “Crazy” the song which gave Willie Nelson his start.
It is a pleasant listening version with great harmonica backing from Chris Pain.
Martin then does “Factory/Jute Mill Song” a compilation of Bruce Springsteen and Mary Brooksbank songs.
It works well.
“Where the Ghost Gum Grows” is a haunting track which grows on you each time you listen to it.  Alex Legg has written a beautiful song.
Martin does a nice version of “You Belong To Me” an old classic previously recorded by Patti Page and Jo Stafford.
Dylan’s “Masters of War” is given powerful treatment by Martin.
As Martin states in the cover notes this “is still horribly relevant today.”
Sadly it is true.
“Lady Franklin’s Lament” is a sad song about a true event from History.
The haunting harmonica playing of Chris Pain comes to the fore on this track once again.
“I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” is an old Inkspots number with a nice swing to it.
Very pleasant listening.
“Boy in the Bubble” is a very powerful track.
Martin, Alex and Chris combine to create what I think is the best track on the CD.
Alex Legg’s other track “Were You There?” is a commentary on the current state of the World and should be compulsory listening.
Sadly it won’t make commercial radio because it makes you think.
A beautiful track.
Martin finishes the CD with “Love of the Common People”.
It is a bouncy, upbeat track.
What else could a Martin Pearson CD finish with.
If Martin wasn’t so funny he could certainly get a gig at a Folk Festival as a straight singer!
If you have only ever seen the funny side of Martin Pearson then give this CD a go.
I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience.

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