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Michael Waugh is an incredible Melbourne-based singer-songwriter in the storytelling tradition. His uniquely Australian country-inspired folk music evokes a heartfelt contemporary voice whilst still paying homage to the country music that he grew up with, referencing singers such as Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton, and Kenny Rogers.

His honest songs draw vivid images of Australian life – both of growing up in Victoria’s East Gippsland farming community and Melbourne’s inner city – tales of long family drives, building property fences, devastating bushfires, life, love and parenting.

At the heart of every song is a story, and all 5 tracks on his new EP ‘Heyfied Girl’ are rich in the texture and detail of life. Michael’s gift is in taking the audience to a time and place that is immediately relatable and visceral through his beautiful music and a tear is never far away when he performs his title track about his mum’s battle with cancer and his fathers love for her.

In mid 2012 Michael started sending out a demo of the song ‘Heyfield Girl’ to numerous festival organisers and songwriting competitions and it seemed to get the same attention when received by the festival and judging panels as his audiences.

Of the back of the demo Michael received the above accolades* and was invited last year to perform at The 2012 Maldon Folk Festival, The End of the Line Festival and in 2013 he is already confirmed to perform at Cygnet Folk Festival, The Mount Beauty Music Muster & the 2013 The Maldon Folk Festival.

Michael has been compared with the likes of Paul Kelly, Mick Thomas and John Williamson – demanding a place as one of those unflinching modern musical-poets in Australia’s folk music scene.

Given the success of Heyfield Girl in the last 6 months from a demo, that the new EP is now available, the impending release of the debut album ‘Fence Post Home’ with Michael’s song ‘New Releases’ already known to folk audiences through Enda Kenny’s cover – It’s no wonder that all those, either aware or involved, are excited.

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