Mihirangi – Moemoea Reka Sweet Dreaming


Rich Maori contemporary originals with World fusion.

“This is an “EP”with five tracks, featuring the New Zealand singer/writer Mihirangi (from Melbourne) on her first solo album. Many of us may have seen and heard her before as a member of either “The Stiff Gins” and/or ‘Akasa”. In this venture she has the musical assistance of Richard Tedesco
(Flamenco guitar), Valanga Khoza (vocals & various instruments), Jan Skubiszewski (drum & bass), Simon Fraser (percussion), and the Maori
group Nga Manu Waiata. Most songs were written by Mihirangi and all, except one, are sung in her Maori language, and the overall sound could be described as a world fusion funky sound. I had heard Mihirangi perform live in a group and solo capacity before I heard this recording and consider her to have a great voice with an often extraordinary range of power and expression. However, I feel that this potential is a little lost on this recording. The rhythmically contemporary (if good) arrangements of the songs restrict her expressive style, in my opinion anyway, and as the impact of these new songs depends very much on the meaning and understanding of the lyrics as well, singing them in Maori in an almost rock/fusion style does not bring the best qualities and possible appreciation to the fore. The fact that the printed translations are very difficult to read does not help either. Mihirangi still has a wonderful voice and some of the textures and sounds, combined with the timbre of the language she creates, are really quite exciting, but I am looking forward to her next recording.” Review by Dieter Bajzek.

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