Myriad – Day’s End


With a unique sound that subtly balances sexy blues, fiery world sounds and stirring yet delicate ballads of lost souls and desperate times, Myriad is a duo cannot be easily overlooked.

From blues on the bouzouki to bluegrass on the cello, Myriad are not afraid to move beyond the traditions from which they have come. This has resulted in a style of music that is not easily categorised.

Gordon Wallace and Hannah Croke are renowned for their ability to play multiple instruments including cello, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, harmonica, bodhran and stomp box. With stunning dexterity, these instruments support Hannah’s powerful vocals that belt out the duo’s poetic tales with a sound that does not reflect her tender age of 23. Behind this sits Gordon’s subtle and unique guitar, providing an often mesmerising mix of rhythm and melody.

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