Nick Rheinberger – Do Tell


Nick Rheinberger – Do Tell
by Chris Spencer

I can imagine Nick Rheinberger being an arresting person to see live.
On this recording, he delivers a range of emotions and tempos, contrasting arrangements from sparse to cluttered.
He sings with passion, but brings us down with slow sensitive songs to grab our attention.
On stage, if he combined this with facial expressions or movement, his performance could be quite “interesting”.
His web page describes this album as being full of funk, folk, torch songs and tangos.
He also performs solo, in blues bands, as a children’s entertainer, comedian, poet and as an actor.
“Sneaking Suspicion” quickly sets the listening landscape for the listener: Nothing refined or smooth here – it’s a rhythmic, cacophony of percussion with a trumpet solo.
“Unresolved” is slower, more serious, with anguished vocals.
It’s good to hear some macho lyrics in his love songs, using ‘sexual tension’, ‘angry man’, ‘monster’ in the lyrics.
He’s certainly got my attention!
“Temptation” uses a Latino rhythm, flamenco styled guitar, to underscore a passionate plea.
It’s hard to attest if Nick is really the person he’s talking about in “Big Man” as the cover is austere with just a photo of him on a white background.
This song is big – a big voice, big acoustic guitar chords over a fat drum sound.
His voice ranges from a holler in the blues style to a whisper.
“Meant to Be” is a sensitive description of a man facing difficult decisions about leaving his wife and family.
The piano accordion accompaniment is very apt.
“Go Slow” is more stark, with just voice and guitar; Rheinberger uses a falsetto voice to good effect.
“Don’t Shoot” is upbeat, busy but Rheinberger brings us down again for “One Phone Call” tells of a story of a son ringing his father with bad news.
On “Somewhere Else” Rheinberger uses his falsetto voice to provide contrast and the minimal use of the eerie violin adds further interest.
For mine this is my pick of the month.
I look forward to hearing anything else by this captivating performer and I’d particularly like to see him live.
Buy this cd, to ensure Nick has more than 4 friends on his myspace site!


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