Original Snakeskins – Along for the Ride


The Original Snakeskins – Along for the Ride by Chris Spencer

This album is far more country rather than folk. However if you’re a fan of this genre, you’ll like this album. It’s an album of generally relaxed songs, medium to slow paced. Loping is a word that comes to mind. Image the clip clopping of a horse’s hooves on a cobblestone road and you may get some idea of the rhythms created. Fits in with the title too! (The album’s cover shows a picture of a bus in the outback of one of the middle United States, so perhaps the band were thinking more of a slow bus ride, rather than horse ride. I think the horse concept is just as appropriate!) This is the band’s 4th album, having formed 10 years ago. Reviewers talk of the band’s three part harmonies, folk, country and bluegrass infl uences and the blend of traditional instruments such as guitar, mandolin, dobro, banjo, harmonica and double bass. Lead vocalist, Anne Unger, has just enough twang in her voice to provide the country authenticity, although others describe her voice as soulful, impassioned and strong. The stronger tracks were “Jesus and Jezebel” and their covers “Stealin’ Stealin’” and “Life’s Railway to Heaven.” “Stealin’” features banjo and ukulele played by Andrew Langton-Joy & lead vocals and harmonica playing by Alan Rose. It’s been arranged in the jug band style of its origins in the 1920’s and slowed down a tad. “Life’s Railway” is song covered by many US country artists, but I think the Snakeskins provide a more gospel arrangement, again at a mild tempo. “Jesus and Jezebel” is accompanied by mandolin, and the band have an accappella interlude that works well. Of the other songs, “Look Over Your Shoulder” is a slow waltz as is “John Price’s Ghost” on which Drew Galls plays dobro; “Rocky Road Blues” is an breezy cover of the Bill Monroe song; “Traveller’s Prayer” and “Wind Will Blow” illustrate the band’s bluegrass leanings. With several songwriters in the band, namely Unger, Gallus, Steve Hyde and co-writer Longton-Joy, the band are able to keep interest in their music, varying their arrangements and keep the listener entertained and interested. Recommended.

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