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CD review by Graham Blackley Published in TN152 Nov 22

Prolific Australian singer-songwriter, Pat Drummond, who has had a long and interesting career that included a stint in The Bushwackers, is an accomplished storyteller who is adept at using real-life experiences or thoughtful observations as creative springboards for colourful and relatable songs.

This song-writing prowess is evident on “The Road to Damascus” in which Drummond manages to combine gentle humour, deep empathy and a rich humanitarianism with a toe-tapping melody and a suitably driving rhythm.

Drummond’s skilled song-writing and impressive vocal dexterity shines on the clever “Conversation as a Bloodsport” which features recognisable situations and familiar characters while remaining topical and relevant, even though this album was released in the late 1990’s.

Drummond’s between-song banter, which is warm, entertaining and informative, provides intriguing insights into the songs while enabling him to generate an inclusive atmosphere that bridges any possible or perceived gap between listener and performer.

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