Penny Davies & Roger Ilott – Pyramids Road


CD Review by Pat Drummond

Pyramids Road begins with a compelling original track which chronicles the destruction of Australia’s Indigenous heritage by white settlement.

Again, in ‘Juukan Gorge’, the Indigenous Cultural Heritage is targeted by mining corporations.

So, in many ways this song is a bridge between this album and Chimes of Freedom.

Pyramids Road contains a greater number of original tracks, some of which were co-written with other artists, including some, such as Gordon Bok, whose own original songs are featured on Chimes of Freedom.

‘Roll on Old River’, a co-write with John Broomhall, follows the flow of both the river and the history of Broken Hill.

It is followed by Gary Shearston’s, ‘Riverina Drover’, about a family travelling ‘The Long Paddock’.

This song highlights how equal the work burden and management of rural properties has always been for country women and celebrates the resilience of our Drovers.

The next track, that really demands our commitment to a better future, is partly a tribute to Greta Thunberg.

It asks the question we all need to ask as we confront the few remaining climate change deniers …’What Will it Take?’

The other thing that I really enjoyed about this particular album is that, in its last half, it also showcases the great role our friendships and personal histories form in the journey of our lives.

A number of particularly moving songs; ‘Counting quarters’, ‘Haul Away’, ‘Shadows and Light’, ‘Space and Time’ and ‘Long Time To Say Goodbye’ feature at the end of the album.

Penny Davies and Roger Ilott are multi-talented and highly creative people.

They have written, arranged, performed, recorded and produced this CD on their independent label ‘Restless Music’.

Gorgeous harmonies, sensitive instrumentals and arrangements and a very thoughtful sequencing of these story songs make them a very enjoyable experience.

Their fellow artists, their audiences and those in the future who will look back to evaluate the impact of art on heritage will be very enriched by sharing these experiences.

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