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Platform 9¾ is a trio and a folk group relatively recently formed that melds the musical sounds of the three major Celtic influences to present an eclectic approach to Celtic music. Our music has a Welsh influence but our repertoire also includes both Irish and Scottish songs.

Review by John Williams

This group formed in 2013 to promote Celtic but mainly Welsh music, hence the CD title.
The group comprises Colin Edwards who plays keyboard and does vocals and Sarah Anne Lynn and Stephen Lynn who both do vocals.
The CD opens with their version of the Dougie Maclean classic Caledonia.
They do it justice.
Sarah does a lovely version of Bonny Portmore with its message of not taking what we have for granted unless we lose it.
The band do a great version of Rita MacNeil’s Working Man.
Colin’s grandfather began work in the mines of Wales at age twelve and died of black lung disease relatively young so it has real relevance to this group.
Calon Lan a well known Welsh hymn/song sung before most Welsh rugby matches is given reverential treatment.
Sarah sings Cariad a lovely Welsh lullaby.
The writer John Wake describes it as a cwtch (cuddle) before the baby goes to sleep.
The cover notes sum it up with ‘Everyone knows how to cuddle but only the Welsh know how to cwtch.”
On Angels’ Wings is the following track.
It grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go.
It is a sad yet beautiful song written after the tragic collapse of the colliery slag heap at Aberfan which covered a school killing one hundred and sixteen children and twenty eight adults in 1966.
Celtic Love Song is a lovely rendition of a Welsh love song.
You can hear the hope and agony in the voice of the young man as he waits for his loved one.
Will she come?
The Bright Side of the Moon was written over twenty years ago about the state of the World.
The message still resonates loud and clear, sadly.
Suo Gan, a traditional Welsh lullaby is performed with real reverence.
Listeners may remember it from the Spielberg movie “Empire of the Sun.”
It was my highlight track.
Dylan Thomas’s poem “Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night” is put to music by Colin Edwards.
It does the well known poem justice.
The CD finishes with the equally well known Welsh traditional song, first written down in 1784, “All Through the Night” (Ar Hyd V Nos).
It is really nice ending to a very thoughtfully presented body of music.
I liked it.

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