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CD review by Rick Narbutas

It’s all about the human voice.

Singing is good for the soul, and as you settle in to listen to the Pomeroys, the pure voices soothe and entertain.

A family group of solo vocalists, Judy and Kathleen are descendants of First Fleeters, while Alan’s lineage is, by inference, innocent of punishable wrongdoing.

Hey Rain is a folk classic, and Alan has added a few extra verses to document the devastating year 2000 wet season in Townsville.

Most of the tracks on the CD tell the listener a little bit more of Oz history.

The Waterlily brings one of Henry Lawson’s poems into the light, with Judy putting his  words to music as she does again in Watch on the Kerb.

The mournful tones of the Whaling Wife tell of waiting for the ship to come in, Marco Polo informs us of being on a ship and Sailor Home From the Sea tells of women on ships.

First Fleeters indeed.

History has been full of tales of the men who shaped events, so this CD helps to shine more light on the contribution made by women in that partnership.

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